HTTYD Fanart Gallery #4 – Theme: Astrid & Stormfly

Team Hiccup and Toothless are certainly popular, but so are the other Dragon Riders and thankfully there’s also lots of amazing art to find of them too!
For today, let’s look at Astrid and Stormfly. Just like Hiccup and Toothless, these two are a formidable force, who work well together and complement each other’s natural abilities and fighting style.
Both dragon and trainer are accurate, fast and prefer sharp weapons over fire or might.

Astrid is Hiccup’s love, and Stormfly is her female Deadly Nadder dragon – these dragons apparently have the hottest fire of any dragon. Deadly Nadders are also highly sensitive trackers and have poisonous tail spines which they can launch at a target with incredible accuracy.

Stormfly and Toothless Playing - scene from HTTYD2.
Stormfly and Toothless Playing – DreamWorks A.

Stormfly and Toothless are good friends, and often play together.

Astrid hugging Stormfly, from HTTYD TV series.
Astrid hugging Stormfly – DreamWorks A.

Just like Hiccup, Astrid clearly loves her dragon and both dragon and rider appear to share a profound understanding of each other’s feelings.

Closeup of Astrid flying on the back of Stormfly

Click on a picture to see it pop up in a “lightbox”. Pictures are posted in no particular order.
(Featured image: Astrid and Stormfly – by Elisetrinh)

Wow, I’m almost tempted to say “what a great photo”. The colours are beautiful, and in a good way, Astrid looks like a precious living porcelain doll. Stormfly looks stunning, as well.
It’s almost like Hiccup took his “camera” along and asked Astrid to fly past him, so he can take a beautiful action shot to print out and always carry with him.

Astrid and Stormfly – by Dreamsoffools

Astrid and Stormfly affectionately huggingIt’s always nice to see completely true expressions of friendship, I think – whether they be between two people, or people and their animal-friends. These expressions can be subtle, or in this case, a joyous and obvious moment.
Critique-wise, perhaps the red on Stormfly’s eyes and nostrils is a little bit over-emphasised, but this drawing is still one of my favourites.


Astrid and Stormfly – by SalamanderArt

Astrid riding Stormfly, who is carrying a worried sheep in her claws.Astrid and Stormfly are so comfortable with being awesome, they’ve got time to not only pull of cool mid-air moves, but take a sheep along with them to witness it all and tell its friends. The sheep of course, is more comfortable with witnessing a grassy field.


Fly! – by Mangamie

Closeup of Astrid riding Stormfly through the cloudsA beautiful woman in perfect harmony with her mighty dragon, flying gracefully through the clouds.
If dragons were real, then this is what we’d see on classy calendars and magazines. Forget fashionable décor, sports cars or motorbikes – this beats them all!


Astrid and Stormfly (2019) – by Raidesart

Affectionate drawing of Astrid and StormflyI like the friendly and casual nature between Astrid and Stormfly, as well as the shining dragon scales.
Personally, I feel that this painting would have looked better cropped closer – without the legs showing, because most of the artist’s effort went into the characters’ faces.
Alternatively: more finished in all other areas and showing the legs and feet completely of both human and dragon, rather than cropping at the knees. Still one of my favourite paintings of Astrid and Stormfly though.

Woman with her tan dog hair cardigan, and her Leonberger dog
Tan dog hair coat:

On the subject of Astrid wearing a suit of armor made with Stormfly’s scales… Did you know that some people like to wear sweaters spun from the hairs of their pet dogs? To be honest, I quite like that idea!
In my case it would have been difficult though, as my family and I always only had short-haired dogs, and one medium-haired dog who’s not much bigger than a Chihuahua.

It would take a year of shedding just to make a sock!

Man with white dog hair cardigan, and his Samoyed dog.
White dog hair cardigan.

Apparently though, dragons shed a lot of scales, which makes creating an outfit using their scales much easier. It might even be possible to change one’s fashion statement seasonally, with a whole new suit.

Would wearing red scales look better in summer, or in winter? I’m not very good with fashion, what do you think?


Astrid and Stormfly – by Funkytoes

Astrid affectionately pressing her head to Stormfly's snoutAstrid in this picture, looks like she could already be a young mother. Still best friends after all this time? What a nice thing to see!


Astrid – by Moshyong

Fierce-looking Astrid holding a spear, riding an even fiercer-looking Stormfly - they appear to be attacking.Wowee, someone’s in for some serious punishment!

If the claws don’t get you, then the spear will, and if for some reason you dodge the spear, then the deadly spikes on Stormfly surely will, but even if you manage to escape those, then Astrid’s fierce rock-chick hairstyle will mercilessly whip you into submission and defeat!
Game over!


Astrid and Stormfly – by DanielGovar

Astrid standing in front of Stormfly, affectionately scratching her chin.

Stormfly is drawn in a different style, but I do like how she was drawn. Also – I’ve noticed just how often artists draw Astrid wielding something extremely sharp, when she’s not embracing her dragon.

Girl holding bunny rabbitActually, either Astrid is hugging a massively powerful creature heavily armed with razor-sharp claws, spines, teeth and horns, or she’s holding a razor-sharp Viking weapon.
I wonder if we’ll ever see any fanart of Astrid cradling a fluffy bunny-rabbit (without feeding it to Stormfly)!


Astrid – by Pace-Eterna

Cartoony drawing of Astrid standing with axe in hand, and Stormfly behind her.Yep, there’s that razor-sharp Viking weapon again, and not a fluffy bunny-rabbit in sight. Gosh, these two are like a cross between a cactus farm and a Gillette razor factory.


Astrid and Stormfly – by JellyPuffer

Cartoony drawing of Astrid and Stormfly looking at each other happily.This would look top-notch in a quality children’s book. I’ve seen a lot of rubbish illustrations in all kinds of books, even from higher-end sources, and I feel this one here would be amongst the best.
The only thing I would have liked to see, is a better-defined lower jaw on Stormfly – showing greater structure and light/shadow, as the lower jaw is “disappearing” into the background a little bit. Still easily one of my favourites.


Astrid and Stormfly – by IndahAlditha

Portrait of Astrid, with Stormfly in the background, mouth open.Has a unique “classic” feel to it, that I like. Astrid is hogging the spotlight from Stormfly a bit, but they’re both beautiful females (and they know it), so there’s bound to be a little spotlight-hogging between friends, sometimes.


In my next favourite-fanart post, I’ll be featuring only Night Fury Toothless – being his awesome self! If you have suggestions, would like to recommend some art or submit your own, feel free to get in touch or just leave comments on this post, below:

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