HTTYD Fanart Gallery #7 – A Dragon Fantasy

Toothless towards viewer, surrounded by rocks

A story outside a story – out of character, out of universe and its time. Whatever the following art shows, it wouldn’t quite fit into the official HTTYD story. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t pretty amazing though!

Sometimes one will come across fanart featuring the official HTTYD characters along with the artist’s own created characters, or variations of the official story.
Personally, I feel it’s not only interesting to see re-tellings and beautiful snapshots of the original story, but also artists’ imaginative variations and fantasy.
This is a subject that I’d like to post about again in the future.

Here are some of my favourite HTTYD fanarts, that are a fantasy of the official story:

Real Dragon-Like Animals, and Their Homes!

Real dragon-like animals and places, where mythical dragons would feel at home.
So, the world doesn’t have fire (or scalding or icy water) spewing dragons (anymore), but there are plenty of creatures that are still called dragons by name: We have venomous “Komodo Dragons”, “Flying Dragons” (lizards of Southeast Asia and India), Leafy Seadragons, Bearded Dragons and more.

In fact, around the world there are lots of fierce and interesting reptiles that look like they could be mistaken for a distant cousin to our mythical reptilian dragon friends (and enemies).

Of course… maybe these mythical dragons were just based on such animals to begin with, by those who imagined them in fairytales.

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