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The “How to Train Your Dragon” Merchandise

If there's one thing that movie studios do well besides making movies, it's making sure there's as much licensed merchandise available as possible for people to purchase. There's so much licensed How to Train Your Dragon merchandise available, it'll be easy to find in any department store. While the same bigger and more universally-enjoyed things such as interactive toys, storybooks and figurines can be found in most countries, some things can only be found in a single place or country.
Avid collectors will need to buy merchandise from overseas and spend thousands, if they want everything.

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For greater insight into the How to Train Your Dragon merchandise, you can visit the HTTYD wiki pages that go into more detail:

See the HTTYD wiki here, you will go directly to the merchandise category.

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Specifically, we're working on:
  • Expanding the first paragraph
  • Possibly grouping the most commonly available merchandise into categories and adding pictures
  • Creating a paragraph on the more unusual merchandise and where to possibly get it (do they make licensed Dragons band-aids, party cups and apple Viking juice? What about toothpaste?)

See our Planned Updates & Updates Log blog post for more details.

  • https://howtotrainyourdragon.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Merchandise

Header image is a montage of photos of licensed Dreamworks HTTYD merchandise.

(Accessed December 2018 - January 2019)

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