Planned Updates & Updates Log

It’s neater to keep a list of all planned website, blog and forum updates in the one place. Here they are:

  • August 10 2021: Wow, thing have really hit the fan around the world since the last update, eh? Well, I’ll continue to update this Website into the future regardless.
    For an update of why I’ve not updated things here for so long and some HTTYD news, please see the “Hello again! An update, with more HTTYD goodies to come” blog post.
    I’ve put up the “HTTYD Fanart Gallery #8 – There Were Dragons Here” blog post, written back in 2019 but still relevant and lovely to look at today.
    Also, there’s my “The Lion King 2019 Review: Farts Are OK Now, & so is Violent BULLYING!” blog post – after seeing that screwed up Lion King remake, I pretty much gave up on watching any new movies once again. After getting fed up, for the last 12 years or so I had stopped watching television and new movies, and I haven’t felt better in decades – it’s amazing how much malevolent toxic brainwashing is involved in today’s mainstream medias and entertainment (and more). Not surprising since Hollywood (and pretty much every major corporation) is now comprehensively filled with and run by the worst psychopaths, satan worshipers and pedophiles on the planet. (source, etc.) Why consume their toxic products at all?
    Finally, some things have kinda broken on this Website due to neglect, such as receiving emails and some HTTYD forum functionality. I’ll polish those things back to 100% working condition over the coming weeks, and also update the Website’s technology a bit. If an email bounces, try again in a day or two or try the backup email. Thanks! More updates to follow… sooner this time, sheesh.
  • July 10 2019: Updated the blog post “Review of “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” – The Hidden Shrek?” after coming across some new information. Updates marked and added near bottom of page.
    Also updated the blog post “HTTYD Fanart Gallery #2 – Theme: Best Friends Hiccup & Toothless” with a review of the featured image.
  • July 6 2019: New blog post “HTTYD Fanart Gallery #7 – A Dragon Fantasy“. You will find versions of HTTYD fanart, that for one reason or another, don’t quite fit into the original story. Also, there are real-life stories and pictures of my own clever doggies.

Planned website, blog and forum feature updates

  • A monthly newsletter you can sign up to, that’ll wrap up the news, art and other HTTYD goodies of the month, and also give early access to some blog and forum posts before they get released to the public.
  • New regular blog posts, likely monthly for now (a bunch of posts are almost ready to publish).
  • Your suggestions? Get in touch!

Planned web page and blog post updates

Here’s some extra stuff that doesn’t have a set time:

  • New header images. The current one is drawn by Limey404 – I might put various ones on rotation, so they change throughout the day or week, or just put up a new one whenever it suits
  • A public and anonymous mini-poll where you can rate each blog post, so that I know what kind of news and other HTTYD goodies fellow fans like the most
  • A blog/website search feature. The HTTYD Community Forum already has this feature. It’s not a high priority for the fansite, because the blog has categories and tags which helps to find things, but I’d still like to install the search feature in the future, as some people prefer to browse this way
  • Customised dragon-themed emoticons/smileys for the forums.

To get news of these updates when they happen, sign up to the HTTYD Community Forum (or subscribe to a weekly newsletter when the feature becomes available).

If you want to contribute information to the pages/posts of this website or send me Dragon-related news and goodies, and make this place bigger and better, sign up to the community forum and say “Hi” or get in touch on the contact/send page right here: Send HTTYD News & Goodies, Your Comments & Questions

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Passionate dog person, but also likes cats and animals in general. Web developer and online producer, who became a “How to Train Your Dragon” fan after coming across it on TV back in 2018.

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