Alternate Versions & Endings of HTTYD: The Hidden World [Potential Spoilers]

The final instalment in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy has already hit the cinemas in most countries around the world, and passionate suggestions for alternate endings and even versions of the story, are surfacing within the HTTYD community.

The movie’s creators and Dean DeBlois (who wrote the movie’s script) were careful to prepare fans for the inevitable “goodbye” between the vikings and their dragons; a goodbye destined to bring the story told in the movies and several shorts and long-running TV series to its conclusion.
Fans of Cressida Cowell’s “How to Train Your Dragon” book series know that the book begins with an adult Hiccup, looking back on his life and saying “There were dragons when I was a boy.” Readers were “prepared” for the ending, before the story began.

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After movie audiences witnessed such a strong and caring bond developing between the dragons and their riders – especially Hiccup and Toothless, it was clear that any ending to their friendship would need to be handled sensitively.

Way back in 2012, in an interview with the author of the original books Cressida Cowell, she mentioned that the Vikings and dragons would separate at the end of the third movie. (Source)

How did fans react to the dragon and rider friendships they’ve come to enjoy witnessing, finally coming to an end? Some fans are writing their own endings!

Fans writing their own endings doesn’t just apply to fanfiction: as reviews are continuing to emerge, some viewers are compelled to give their own version of how the movie’s story should have come to an end.

Most fans accept the conclusion that Vikings and dragons must separate, but many of those not happy with the story’s ending were complaining about how overall the character of the final movie felt different – some viewers (me included) expecting the separation to have been more in line with what they had witnessed in the previous movies and TV series.
My own review of the final HTTYD movie points out at great length, a lot of unusual elements that didn’t quite fit into the overall story. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who noticed these things.

So, what does that leave us with? Many of us fans know the story very well, which means that we can come up with story and ending ideas ourselves.

In case you haven’t seen my review of The Hidden World yet, here’s a (lengthy) quote where I share one of my own ideas for a more fitting ending:

What could have easily become a trope twist in the last part of the Hidden World story, is that the ending and its reasoning process was a made-up illusion by Hiccup, the Dragon Riders and all of Berk’s inhabitants to trick the fast-approaching outside world into believing that all dragons were gone for good now.

The story could have ended, with the final scenes showing Hiccup’s tribe still in contact with their dragons, except now hidden to the outside world. To replace the dragons’ previous uses, common animals and new practices could be brought in to take over the tasks that the dragons once had. Occasional sightings could have been dismissed into tales of myth, and the world would have moved on to discover and create other machines of war instead of trying to enslave and use dragons.
The Loch Ness Monster is a myth… or not?

Once the movie’s viewers had witnessed the sad scene where the Vikings and the dragons parted, we could have heard Hiccup’s narration say something else than what was actually said in the movie; Hiccup could have said: “…at least this is what we want the world to believe, as they’re not ready for dragons yet”.

Hiccup could have gone on to explain that many of the dragons did enter the Hidden World, but were free to go out and visit islands uninhabited by humans. This could have happened, as long as they made sure not to draw attention to themselves anymore, and always used (bird-like in appearance) sentinel dragons to look out for humans. Toothless, being the alpha dragon, could have taught and enforced this. Taught that until the world is truly ready, they’ll remain hidden or get slaughtered again.

Hiccup would have then been in a more powerful position, one from leadership and wisdom, to make a clear moral message for this story not to exploit nature, our friends and the lives around us for selfish reasons. This ending would have been closer to the original book series’ ending as well.

The movie had several other unusual aspects to it, but this ending would still have been more in line with Hiccup’s personality – if he truly can’t beat the bad guys in the long run, then he’ll just trick them.

Another take on the story, would be that Toothless must take over the responsibility of being alpha of the dragons in the Hidden World, and leaves because of that, but is still free to visit his human friends/family/tribe along with every other dragon as long as they’re careful.
Here’s a link to a review by an artist and fan, that explains this idea in greater detail (opens new browser window):

Yet another idea for the story is reuniting the characters from the TV series who had become allies of the Dragon Riders, coming together for one big and final battle and “trick”, to make sure the rest of the world believes dragons to be gone.
The Vikings and dragons would stay in touch with each other, but also prepare themselves over the coming years to become more independent of each other, and without compromising on their previous personal accomplishments and friendships. Deciding that living separate lives, kind of like living in different cities or countries, while still staying in touch and staying friends, may be best for everyone in the long run.

There’s so much that could have been done differently, and still be in line with the personalities of every character and their many previous achievements.
Let’s hear your ideas! And if you’ve found another review, comment or fanfiction story that makes sense to you, don’t forget to mention it here and link to the source!

I’ll update this post with the most popular endings and stories that make sense, as we come across them.

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