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The “How to Train Your Dragon” Story

Ah, a new recruit! Want to train dragons, do ye? We'll see about that. Here it is:
The How to Train Your Dragon story. For certain, any story that earns over a billion dollars and is seen in some form or another by hundreds of millions of people around the world, is in every way big. The How to Train Your Dragon story, both as the original book series and the movie franchise, has connected with people by tapping into their heartfelt desires for peace and friendship through adversity, while not pretending that good things come without effort, risk and sometimes sacrifice.

View of isle of Berk from the sea
"This is Berk": DreamWorks A.

By distancing the story's characters back into a mythical time of Vikings that everyday people know little about and can only imagine, the story frees itself considerably from peoples' sometimes-necessary cynicism that modern life forces upon them.

Witnessing the story's characters, from far and long ago, share mankind's most fundamental universal and relatable feelings, problems and triumphs makes the experience more personal and also more urgent.

The foundations for this story's success were strong, and allowed its tellers to offer a now receptive audience increasing ways of experiencing it again through a variety of books, (short) movies, TV series, live shows, games, soundtracks and merchandise.
The following pages will explain each category of How to Train Your Dragon related materials, various (sometimes free) ways on owning and experiencing them, as well as links to more information.

None of these links are affiliate links. This is an independent fansite and instead of trying to sell you something, we want to show you what this story can offer you personally, from a fan's perspective.
Enjoy your visit at our place, dear fellow fans and Dragon Riders!

How to Train Your Dragon Games

What fan of How What fan of How to Train Your Dragon wouldn't want to interact with or even ride one of the dragons? Especially the Night Fury Toothless from the movie franchise. Well, the closest you'll probably ever get is to play a console/PC video game or “Massively multiplayer online…

How to Train Your Dragon Merchandise

If there's one thing that movie studios do well besides making movies, it's making sure there's as much licensed merchandise available as possible for people to purchase. There's so much licensed How to Train Your Dragon merchandise available, it'll be easy to find in any department store. While…

How to Train Your Dragon Characters

Are you interested in the characters from the movies, the characters from the original book series, or both? The movie franchise is only loosely based on the original book series. While most characters in the original books share the names with those in the movies and TV series,…

How to Train Your Dragon Books

The original book series that was published in 27 languages, had inspired millions of children to read and imagine, and caught the attention of a Hollywood movie studio to create a billion-dollar movie franchise. While the original books and the movies are generally regarded as two different…

A page on the HTTYD soundtracks is still to be added - see our Planned Updates & Updates Log for details.

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Header image is a montage of a scene from the short (HTTYD) movie "Book of Dragons" and the original How to Train Your Dragon book by Cressida Cowell.
Other images found at: https://howtotrainyourdragon.fandom.com/wiki/How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_Wiki

(Accessed December 2018 - January 2019)

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