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Ruffnut and Tuffnut arguing, Barf-and-Belch chewing on surveying equipment, on Berk.

Berk wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this new “How to Train Your Dragon” fansite, blog and forum!

Hairy Viking holding baby Toothless dragon

Hey there! I’m Beinir (Ben) Madbear: a hairy (hooligan) Web developer and online producer living in Australia, who only saw the first HTTYD movie in August last year.
Soon afterwards, I had decided to start work on this fansite.

It took a while, but now this fansite is ready to show you. (For more detail on why this fansite was made, see the “About” page here.)

Hiccup and Toothless portrait
Hi there! – by Masterrohan

Needless to say, I’ve become quite the HTTYD fan and want to collect and show my favorites of what other fans are sharing with like-minded people.
There are many places to look however, and I rely on other HTTYD fans to keep sending goodies they themselves like: such as news, fanart, fanfiction and other cool things.

If you’ve found or made something really nice, send it my way!
If it becomes one of my favourites, I might add it to one of my future blog posts, or invite you to post it on our HTTYD Community Forum.

I am not going to accept money for third-party ads, nor use affiliate links and I won’t “sell” the fansite or my opinions on anything – this fansite is independent. Making money means “work”, and I want this (fan)site to remain “fun”.

Why not see our friendly Community Forum (logging in will show all its categories), and introduce yourself! Signing up to our forum is the best way to stay in touch with new cool Dragons stuff added on this fansite.

Where to Start!

Hiccup holding treasure map and showing Toothless

You’ve found the Dragons treasure map! This fansite is all about the cool things which the How to Train Your Dragon fans around the world want to show off.
The original HTTYD books, as well as the movies and TV series have inspired lots of creativity.

The fansite has three main sections:

  1. Web Pages
    An overview of the official HTTYD stuff you can read, watch, listen to and play with. You’ll find tips on where and how to buy or borrow it, and also links to other useful websites.
  2. Blog Pages
    My favourite and newest HTTYD goodies go straight here: fanart, fanfiction, news, Dragons-related topics to discuss, related community events and more!
  3. Our Friendly HTTYD Community Forum
    Where Dragon Riders and fans can register and talk about everything HTTYD, as well as post their own fanart, fanfiction and other related goodies.
    Any comments and discussions made on the blog posts also go there automatically.

Where to Find Me

Sketch of Hiccup's Map

The best and quickest way to contact me is by using this fansite’s Send/Contact page and sending an email. I’ve also got some alternative ways for you to stay in touch:

Find me on Diaspora*:

I’m also on Reddit:

You can also find me on
(A bit empty at the moment.)

If you find someone on another website claiming to be me, then they’re probably not! I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Always check on this page first, or contact me.

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