Basic Internet Browsing & Safety Tips

Toothless protecting Hiccup

Basic Internet browsing and safety tips for kids, teens and adults that will help boost overall safety and privacy online.
I make an effort to only allow links to quality websites from this fansite, but there are still untrainable and unfriendly dragons out there, so it’s always good to be aware.
Hiccup loved dragons, but even he was mindful with new ones.

Due to safely working with (high-voltage) electronics and computers since I was six years old (without getting badly zapped) and Internet-stuff now being my profession, this is a pretty important and big subject for me; I want to share some good advice to help keep you safe as well. Safety is metaphorically, one of my middle names (along with “hairy” and “handsome” haha).

It’s best not let the few bad guys on the Internet make one overly cynical or too careful. Overall, the Internet is an amazing, useful and even fun tool. Learning from quality, balanced and independent sources of information about how to deal with the potential dangers, frees you up to enjoy the good things when you find them.

Storm vortex of booksSometimes it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the warnings and advice out there, but there are some basics that almost everyone can agree on. Here’s some basic good advice from myself and by experts-in-their-field that I’ve collected, looked over and grouped, for browsing the Internet better.

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