Real Dragon-Like Animals, and Their Homes!

Real dragon-like animals and places, where mythical dragons would feel at home.
So, the world doesn’t have fire (or scalding or icy water) spewing dragons (anymore), but there are plenty of creatures that are still called dragons by name: We have venomous “Komodo Dragons”, “Flying Dragons” (lizards of Southeast Asia and India), Leafy Seadragons, Bearded Dragons and more.

In fact, around the world there are lots of fierce and interesting reptiles that look like they could be mistaken for a distant cousin to our mythical reptilian dragon friends (and enemies).

Of course… maybe these mythical dragons were just based on such animals to begin with, by those who imagined them in fairytales.

Face of a crocodile, closeup
Crocodile: By N. Dilmen

Crocodiles are actually more closely related to birds than lizards! (Don’t believe me? Check here, and here, it’ll open a new browser window.)
It’s not too difficult to imagine a crocodile as a fierce dragon: stick some wings on it and give it a fiery breath, and you’re in a whole lot of trouble – better hope you’ve brushed up on your training!

Holding a turtle in the hand
A (tasty) turtle: By Bananekiwi

Reptiles such as lizards, snakes, alligators, crocodiles and turtles are kept as pets all over the world. Although when it comes to turtles, I’m pretty sure they’re more closely related to a dragon’s breakfast, rather than the dragon itself.

Man with cobra on head
Cobra hat: By E. Dufour

Do you have reptiles as pets? How about in your garden? Have you ever seen them in a zoo or reptile centre?

The author of the original HTTYD books (Cressida Cowell) says she was inspired by the dragon-stories she heard as a child, and the island with caves her family used to visit on holidays.

Can you think of other dragon-like animals or places where dragons would feel at home? Let us know in the comments section below.

But first… here are some more interesting (useful) reptile photos:


Picture of a White Leopard Gecko
White Leopard Gecko:
Screenshot of Light Fury dragon
Light Fury: DreamWorks A.

An interesting photo of a White Leopard Gecko.
Does she look familiar?

White Leopard Gecko

White Leopard Gecko
White Leopard Gecko:


Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon: By M. Dumont


Flying Dragon

Picture of Flying Dragon Lizard
Flying Dragon: By A.S.Kono


Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon
Leafy Seadragon: By J. Rosindell


Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon showing beard
Bearded Dragon: By Obolton


In future updates of this post, I’ll add more pictures of dragon-like animals and the homes they live in, as well as the places that our mythical dragons may have once possessed. See my “Planned Updates & Updates Log” post for updates, as they come.

By the way, the alligator in the featured image at the top does look a bit like Hookfang, doesn’t he? I’m willing to bet that sales of white Leopard Geckos have gone up, once people started seeing the Light Fury!
Pets are personal family members, so if you’re young, do ask for parent’s permission before posting pictures of them.

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